Essay about Police Brutality And The African American Community

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Police Brutality in the African American Community “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”- Biggie Smalls
Police brutality has been a problem for many years, centered around African Americans. The social awareness of this issue started when the police were beating Rodney King on television and still did not get indicted. In recent new, the police have beaten people on camera and even in front of others, however, they have not faced any consequences. For example, in the Eric Garner case he was lying on the ground, saying that he could not breathe, but the police insisted on keeping him pinned down by the head. Police brutality does deal with the excessive force to put their hands on someone, but police officers also discriminate because of the color of a person skin or even the way a person dress.
Some people may argue that it’s not the police’s fault by the way that they act, but it’s society’s problem with poverty and racial discrimination. The people argue that parents should raise their children in a different environment or manner, but does anybody think about if parents are able to raise their children in a different environment? People argue that the police officers are just doing their job, but does the law say use excessive force even if the person is being attentive?
The people feel as though the police have the badge and the weapons and they follow the rules, so they do no wrong. But, how can they say the police had the right to beat a person…

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