Police Brutality And Corruption Of The Criminal Justice System

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Over time, our faith in the criminal justice system has become everything but progressive. One of the many issues we are facing, and have been facing for quite some time, around the world today is police brutality and corruption. The days when police officers were seen as peacekeepers are long gone. It is agreed upon that there is no single, universal definition of “use of force.” According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, use of force can be defined as, “the amount of effort required by police to compel compliance by an unwilling subject.”(Pg #) Use of force is permitted when attempting to defend yourself or an individual/group. Officers receive guidance from their hiring agency regarding their use of force, but, use of force in general, there is no universal set of rules regarding when officers should use force and how much force. Law enforcement officers are directed to only use the amount of force that is necessary to control a situation, protect themselves and others from harm, or to make an arrest. Situations vary, officers and individual characteristics vary, and the level of force an officer uses varies depending on the situation at hand. An officers level of training and experience are also two contributing factors to the way a situation is handled. Use of force and firearms are supposed to serve as a last resort for an officer; to be used when all other practices are ineffective. An injury to anyone involved in use of force may occur,…

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