Force Or Guns Are Not Needed All The Time

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Force or Guns Are Not Needed All the Time Twelve year old Tamir Rice was playing around in the park with his black BB gun and next thing he knows he is shot. The last thing he sees is his sister running to him, screaming. Then there was Antonio Martinez, who was twenty one years old and had Down syndrome was given no warning when he was pepper sprayed, and tackled to the ground for seeming suspicious. While it might be necessary to use force to apprehend a suspect in a wrong doing, it is not acceptable for police to use it in certain situations. When they give no warning or reason for using force, wrongful stereotyping, and assuming too fast that the suspect has a weapon when they really do not are just a few of these situations.
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I see a scenario play out was showing these two police officers who were standing by two cars, it seems like they were giving a ticket. The camera had zoomed out but when it zooms back in it shows one of the cops running a black girl who is just calmly minding her own business. It shows the cop not giving any warning (maybe just shouting hey!) before throwing her against the wall of the building and then slamming her down to the ground to cuff her. In another scenario, on the case of cops shooting a disabled Navy veteran in her own backyard. The story is that cops where trying to find a prowler in her neighborhood and this women was actually trying to find this suspicious person to give more info to help police on their investigation. She was looking around her house (that last Saturday night when the video was taken) when she bumped in someone with a flashlight and identified herself as the owner of the house this person shot her without any warning. I was disgusted to watch police men cause critical injuries when they are supposed to be the ones helping people. A cop is supposed to have a reason to arrest a person (Habeas Corpus) for using force on that …show more content…
Twelve year old Tamir Rice is shot by a Rookie Cleveland Officer and killed because his BB gun seemed real to the officer. Then there is Antonio who was a 21 year old with Down syndrome, trying to get back to his family’s bakery when he is given no warning when he is pepper sprayed and is beaten by cops. From the cops view they had been investigating a domestic violence dispute and saw Antonio. He seemed suspicious to the cops when he walked by them and covered his head with the hood of his sweater. They go on to chase him down and try to get him to show his hands. When they put him in the police car they see that he is mentally disabled. A twelve year old wouldn’t be using a real gun in the first place and the guy has Down syndrome he was probably confused as to why he was being pepper sprayed, beaten with the baton and kicked several times. Its a little kid who is waving an object in a park, the last thing it would be is a gun. Just because a guy seems suspicious doesn’t mean he

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