Poetry As A Creative Way Of Expressing Essay

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Poetry is a creative way of expressing one’s self to the public. It is one of the most effective tools that people use to point out wrongs in society and reward the right virtues. Apart from developing the plot in a poem, the setting of the poem has much information that it adds to the general understanding of the poem. First, it helps in developing the theme in the poem. Poets think deeply about the themes that they would wish to present to their readers before starting to write. As they plan for the poem, the use of appropriate setting also aids in bringing out the theme clearly.
Keats’ poems will remain the world’s powerful literature work that focuses on romance, a topic that many poets avoid like plague. His techniques in writing the poems were superb, bringing out the themes carefully without offending the readers. Essentially, his poems have sold several copies because of the message they carry-romance. Another aspect of the poet’s work that proves effective in the literature world is the careful setting of the poems. The setting of a poem plays a vital role in capturing the attention of the readers and also helping them understand the themes clearly. This paper intends to analyze the setting of Keats’ poems, "When I have Fear," and "The eve of St. Agnes" and the importance of the setting, and Byron’s poem, ‘She Walks in Beauty.’
This poem is one of Keats’ poems where he uses the setting effectively to develop the main themes in the poem. The setting of this poem is…

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