Poetry Analysis : Form Of A Shakespearean Sonnet Essay

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Poetry Analysis: Aberration in Art
This poem is structured in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet. A sonnet consist of fourteen lines that usually follows a rigid format. Shakespearean sonnets traditionally consist of three four line stanzas and a couplet at the end, which is sometimes referred to as a heroic couplet. It is at the beginning of the couplet that the turn of the poem occurs. In a sonnet the stanzas prior to the turn presents a problem with the poem subject (in this case the poem’s subject is art). Following the turn the speaker presents a refection or resolution the problem (Griffith, 152).
For this poem the complication the speaker is presenting is that purpose of art is to deliver a message to their audience, as evident in the line “to “convey, precisely, meaning to another”. However the modern fascination with abstract art has caused its meaning to be lost to its audience. In the turn of the poem the speaker suggests that perhaps the meaning is there but ordinary folk cannot decipher it because it was designed for an intelligent audience.
The rhyming scheme for the poem runs parallel to a traditional Shakespearean sonnet. Therefore each stanza has two alternating rhyming sounds to form the a/b/a/b pattern (Griffith, 151). For example “surely” is paired with “obscurely” and “another” with “bother”. The last words of a heroic couplet always rhyme, in this case the speaker has chosen the words “sense” and “dense”. Internal rhyming is also utilised by including…

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