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Foreign Policy Debate The Current U.S foreign policy in the Middle East has a goal to advance peace, security, and prosperity in the Middle East. The Current foreign Policy is also supposed to defeat Al-Qa’ida and its extremist affiliates in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The United States Foreign policy protects the U.S citizens by governing international relations, but the current U.S. foreign policy undermines our national security in the Middle East, through drone strikes, the war in Afghanistan, and using a “hands-off” approach in Syria which has created the U.S. to becoming a target to Middle Eastern Countries. The Current U.S. foreign policy does undermine our national security through sending troops to Afghanistan. America is …show more content…
The U.S. has an “hands-off” policy with Syria. The U.S. unwillingness to take even the relatively modest steps required to bring about a decisive end to the regime of Bashar al-Assad is not understandable (5). Syria rebels are in need of support from the U.S. because they can provide what is needed to help regulate air control and end the regime of Assad. Assad is for terrorism. It would make sense that the U.S. would be more than happy to help take out the Assad regime, so the Assad regime would not attack the United States. It is also a concern for the U.S. that the next group that runs Syria is not a Muslim extremist group, because again, an extremist group poses a threat to the United States. If the U.S. continues its hands off approach then Syria will still continue to have, “Human rights abusing on a massive scale, terrorist safe havens supported by Assad, the isolation of Iran, and the new government to be indifferent or hostile to the United States” (5). By the U.S. using a hands-off approach, the perception of the U.S. from other countries is seen as carefree and uninterested to other parts of the world , which hurts the image of the Unites states and in the long run jeopardizes the National security , because the U.S wants to be seen as a strong, helpful, powerful country to the Middle East. Some groups, along with the President say that the Foreign Policy “protects the homeland from immediate threats by concentrating drone strikes on those

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