Plot Structure Of The Glass Menagerie

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Drama: The Glass Menagerie
The plot structure of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams has four parts, they are exposition, complication, climax and denouement. Williams’s real name is Tom and that is the name for the main character the reader can tell Williams put a lot of realism in this drama. The reader found that this story resembled a rollercoaster of emotions which made it very difficult to pick out scenes, because there are just so many highs and lows that tie them all together in this drama.
In the plot exposition is first. The mother Amanda lives her life with high hopes for her children Tom and Laura. They are very different from their mother she is always dwelling in the past like if she was living in the past as well.
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Laura’s mother Amanda finds out she is not going to school, so Amanda decides to talk to Tom about Laura’s options for her life. Tom wants to leave and travel Amanda knows this so she makes a deal with him, that when Laura is married and not to a drunker and she is doing good she told Tom, you can go with the wind anyway you want (Gioia and Kennedy). Amanda insists that Laura get married because she does not want to get a job or any schooling. Laura’s mother Amanda’s vanishing social standing and glory pushes her to make Laura a social butterfly that she is defiantly not. Amanda made Tom promise bring home a gentleman caller for his sister because she is getting older, and by Laura’s age Amanda had had a plethora of visitor gentleman callers. Tom brings home his only friend from the factory Jim to eat dinner and to meet Laura. To Laura’s surprise it is Jim to only boy she had ever took a liking to in school. Laura is tremendously shy with Jim because she used to be infatuated with him …show more content…
It had to have good reviews because it was made into a movie not once, but twice first five years after its Broadway debut and again in nineteen eighty-seven (Gioia and Kennedy), and there are critics that are for it and some do not care for it at all. The reader thinks it was for that time period it was out of some comfort zones. It gave so much of a real life scenario with issues that no one wants to talk about or see, such as Laure being disabled and how their father walked out and Amanda was left a single mother, and what is obvious is how the children pay emotionally and physically for the parents relationship problems. It not being a made up fairy tale was refreshing and suspenseful waiting to see what would happen

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