Playing A Professional Football Player Essay

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(1)My dream, ever since I was young, was to be a professional football player. I’ve been playing ever since I was young and knew that’s what I wanted to be. Growing up around sports my whole life was so fun for me, loving to compete with others was the best feeling ever. I played other kinds of sports but football stood out for me. There are lots of requirements for this occupation. (3,10)You’ve got to be able to communicate well with others, be really active, and do things over and over(okcis). For me, having responsibility is a personal quality. There is a lot more requirements for this type of job but those would be things needed to be a professional football player. Being a professional football player, their work schedule would vary from week to week depending on how much work their willing to put in. (8)“Athletes and sports competitors often work irregular hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays(Bureau of Labor Statistics). In my opinion, nobody would really thinks about a athletes work schedule unless they are a athlete who wants to get better by making time during the week to do so. Professional football players put most of their time during the week to get better and craft their sport, so a football player schedule varies from week to week. The jobs for being a professional football player depends on how good you are at football. (16)“Competition for professional athlete jobs will continue to be extremely intense. Very few high school or college…

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