Essay on Plato And Aristotle 's Philosophy

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Anyone studying or not studying philosophy has probably heard of Plato and Aristotle. It’s probably because they were two of the greatest philosophers of their time. Plato was best known for inventing the University. Aristotle was known for being the teacher of Alexander the Great. The Greek dynasty had many years’ of wealth and knowledge because of them. The Greek dynasty has been compared to some of the greatest empires like Rome, and Egypt. Plato and Aristotle are well-known because they contributed to philosophy in different ways. Even though Plato was Aristotle’s teacher, they both had very different views and debated constantly about them. They both inspired very different ideas and teaching styles. Many scholars have interpreted their styles to be very different and they have a diverse perception of their teachings. Many of their contributions continue to inspire people, even still to this day. This essay will compare the two different styles and detail their differences.

First, we must compare some of the teachings and ideas to get a good perspective. Plato’s life consisted of three different periods; the early years, middle era and later years. Most of his work detailed methods on asking questions and exploring concepts in philosophy and other subjects. Plato’s theories and concepts theorize that any subject will hold a uniform constant. Plato believed that all subjects must have some type of guideline or uniformed code to follow. These guidelines used inductive…

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