Swot Analysis Of Plastics R Us

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I. Executive Summary
Right now there is close to 5 million metric tons of Plastic waste in the ocean, and Toronto alone is responsible for using 100 million plastic bottles a year. Most of these bottles just end up in landfills even though there are many plastic recycling centers around the world, especially in Canada. Plastics R’ Us is an Idea for a company that allows plastic waste to be shredded to dust. This dust could be used to make products ranging from book covers to supplies for construction.
Most people find it very surprising to realize that it’s a possibility that the carpet you walk on, the sweater you’re wearing, and a host of other products that are used daily, just may have once been those plastic bottles you have used and
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Like mentioned above, the plastic in landfills and in the ocean requires approximately 1,000 years to decompose. In addition, the chemicals in the plastic materials is negatively affecting us but also ruining wildlife’s health, habitat and life. Our product stands out because it has a clear and compelling message. Shredding plastic will dramatically reduce the amount of plastic material in the ocean, and with the dust it can be sold to different companies. As we know from plastic dust a lot of different products can be manufactured at a cheaper price while still maintaining the quality and characteristics of the product. Even though there are plastic shredders and grinders in the market and are being used, the machines are two separate machines and are not located in the same location. What we want to do is create two levels, one meant for shredding the plastic and another to transform the random plastic particles to dust. This insures that the process is productive and efficient. Plus, we are able to remove the extra level in order to supply companies with the specific size required. We strongly believe our product can really have a big impact and affect the world in a positive …show more content…
Although there are many issues relating to World pollution, plastic pollution is a problem that we can eradicate. The best way to solve this major issue is to convert the plastic material to something we can use on a daily basis. As mentioned in our report, the Plastic shredder has two levels. One will take in plastic and shred it to tiny particles and the second level will turn the shredded plastics into dust. After this process, we will start to sell the dust to the different companies mentioned above. That way, the recycled dust can be used to manufacture products used in everyday life. With this being done, we hope that we can expand this project internationally and start to not only create a better community in Canada, but all over the

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