Plastic Wastes Of Human Activities Essay

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Plastic wastes are wastes of human activities that deliberately or accidentally finish into rivers and other water bodies or streams. These wastes finally reach the sea and other water bodies where aquatic life. With the increased use of plastic, the respective waste management has become a problem, since many types of plastic (unlike other wastes such as wood) are not biodegradable and, therefore, accumulate. Plastic dragged through the water is dangerous, because it represents a serious threat to fish, seabirds, marine reptiles, and mammals, including for boats and coastal homes or placed in banks . Contribute to this problem spills and garbage dumps windblown or rainwater. In the current situation, in which the damage is done, a possibility, is issue and implementation of laws and other instruments (also bylaws, for example) to penalize individuals and entities that do not properly handle these wastesis. But, what would also be interesting is to implement "cleaning campaigns" with active participation of state institutions, students and the general public.
Today, plastic is largely responsible for our planet polluting waste accumulate. The most common plastics, when discarded, remains in the environment for many years. , When disposed of on the street, you can also end up clogging drains and vents through which the water must pass when it rains. When it reaches rivers and oceans, you can kill animals that get caught inside the bags. Plastic bags (like those provided by…

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