Plastic Surgery Pros And Cons

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Using Plastic Surgery To Be Perfect? Imagine if females all over the world had a choice to be someone who they are not and to approve or deny the outcomes if plastic surgery was a choice to that reason. The decision of plastic surgery from females are caused by the pressure of society, media, and possibly on yourself. The most popular cosmetic-surgery procedures for Americans aged 18 and younger in 2008 were rhinoplasty and otoplasty, according to the statistics compiled by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Eagle). Teenagers are often caught by the eyes when it comes to plastic surgery for contrastive reasons, such as, the unrealistic stands of beauty is pressuring females and the power of media that appears all over especially in this generation. The reason to plastic surgery for most teenagers is to level up self-esteem, more socially opened, and becoming more happier when there’s other beneficial ways that …show more content…
The purpose of plastic surgery is for important things only, as cosmetic surgery also falls in with to change a flaw or two. “Plastic surgery is now a much more common procedure. And girls are becoming increasingly indifferent about it all. "If plastic surgery gives you more confidence and happiness. Everyone deserves to feel happy in their own skin, so if a procedure is going to do that for them, then I don 't have a problem” (Abbondanza). Plastic surgery is not a brand new thing, it is known by many and done by many. As good as this sounds, more teenagers tend to create an unrealistic image of themselves and it is their choice to do it although they will face several ups and downs along their way. “Plastic surgery can significantly boost a teenage girl 's self-esteem. Plastic surgeons rigorously screen all potential teenage patients for emotional maturity. Any attempt to ban plastic surgery for teenagers would likely be ineffective”

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