Plastic Surgery And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Beauty is a huge thing in the world today. Looks are the first thing someone notices about you and it is what they judge you on. It is just how our society is today. Unfortunately the world has come to that. The biggest extreme that someone can go to to enhance their natural beauty is to have plastic surgery. People are choosing to have plastic surgery because of the influence of celebrities, how important beauty is in society and it’s health benefits as well. Plastic surgery seems to be the norm in today’s culture. I am not talking about the reconstructive plastic surgery done to people involved in accidents or having plastic surgery done to improve their health. I am talking about when people completely change parts of their body because they or other people find it unattractive. Isn’t it sad that people are willing to go under the knife and pay thousands of dollars just because they do not like something about their own bodies?
Society has put such pressure on people to improve how they look just to impress other people or fit in. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 1,677,478 people received cosmetic surgical procedures in 2014, not including people who received Botox (American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2015). What that number means is 1.67 million people did not like something about their body. Someone or something is giving them the idea that their bodies are not as attractive as they actually are.
In today’s culture, everything is altered. You…

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