Essay about Plastic Surgery And Its Effects On Society

1507 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
Plastic surgery has to do mainly with the confidence, appearance, and relationships. This three main things are the main reasons why people have plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has a lot of pros and cons, for example the pros are that there is more beauty and it drags a lot of attention. The cons could be deadly because there are so many surgery that go wrong.
When it comes to appearance plastic surgeries are a big buzz. Some cosmetic surgeries may help in the outward appearance, but we should all remember that the outward beauty is not that important. What’s really important is our character and personality but the people don’t see that because of all the plastic surgeries. Men don’t see woman’s inner beauty thanks to all the surgeries that are going on. It’s as if woman don’t value themselves enough to love themselves for who they are physically and mentally. It’s important for everyone to know that the appearance is not all that matters even if that’s what the commercials show. The tv teaches us that plastic surgery is going to make the people like us. All the commercials have models with a flat stomach and a pretty face, making us feel insecure about our self’s. So where does plastic surgeries stand in this world, I would say it shouldn’t exist because it only harms the world.
Confidence has to do with the reasons why people are getting plastic surgeries done. The people we have to thank for our low esteem would be the commercials. The people are damaging themselves…

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