Essay on Plastic Recycling Centers Around The World

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I. Executive Summary
Right now there is close to 5 million metric tons of Plastic waste in the ocean, and Toronto alone is responsible for using 100 million plastic bottles a year. Most of these bottles just end up in landfills even though there are many plastic recycling centers around the world, especially in Canada. Plastics R’ Us is an Idea for a company that allows plastic waste to be shredded to dust. This dust could be used to make products ranging from book covers to supplies for construction.
Most people find it very surprising to realize that it’s a possibility that the carpet you walk on, the sweater you’re wearing, and a host of other products that are used daily, just may have once been those plastic bottles you have used and thrown away. Our idea is create a plastic waste shredders that will reduce the amount of waste in the oceans and landfills while allowing us to reuse the material. There are plastic shredders in the market that rip the waste to random smaller components, normally about an inch or so large. This material cannot be reused as it is too large to work with. But if we add another level to the shredder that takes these larger plastic materials to dust, there are many uses to it and the possibility is endless.
Due to the environmental benefits mentioned above, we believe that our product idea would be a big success and will be a benign and innovative idea.

II. Problem
There is no doubt that there are many environmental problems that we…

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