Plastic Bags : The Containment Bag Essay

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In supermarkets and other retail stores, plastic bags are the leading containment bag for purchased goods in the United States and around the world. Billions of plastic bags are being handed out to consumers to hold their purchased products daily, even though they are extremely harmful towards the environment. Some markets, such as Trader Joe 's, strive for the use of paper and reusable bags, but most big market shopping centers refuse to switch to biodegradable bags. This is due to the fact that disposable plastic bags are cheap, durable, and light. Thus, making them highly desirable for big corporate companies to reduce their overall spending to save money. Consequently, these plastic bags usually end up in landfills, littered across the landscape, or end up in the ocean; therefore, plastics bags can be hazardous towards wildlife due to the choking hazards. The chemicals in plastic bags are toxic, and take hundreds of years to biodegrade back into the Earth. At the same time, the burning of plastic bags produces a large amount of pollution on Earth that is unneeded and can be easily reduced if new legislators are taken against the use of plastic bags. Therefore, the wide use of plastic bags should be banned widely across the United States and other countries to protect the ecosystem.
In general, the use of plastic bags pollutes the environment on land. Plastic bags tend to end up in landfills and become littered across the landscape. At the same time, plastic bags take…

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