Essay on Plastic Bags Are The Most Cost Effective

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Do you realize how many things around you are plastic? This morning when you woke up to your plastic alarm clock, you jumped in the shower with a plastic curtain and used shampoo and conditioner from a plastic bottle, and you shaved with a plastic razor. As you dried your hair with a plastic blow dryer, you used a plastic hair brush, then you brushed your teeth with a plastic toothbrush. In the kitchen you might have drank from a plastic container of milk or orange juice, ate out of a plastic bowl or might have used plastic silverware. In front of you now, at your desk, you can notice your pen is plastic, your ruler is plastic and your chair is plastic. Look over at the computer. Did you realize the mouse, the keyboard, and the monitor are all plastic? Plastic is everywhere from your cell phone to your eyeglasses. As harmful as plastic is to the environment, why are we picking plastic grocery bags as the enemy of all plastic? Grocery bags are the most cost effective and reusable of all plastic items. Plastic grocery bags are sturdy and are useful in transporting items from the grocery. It is important to note the importance of plastic bags and to prevent banning them. In the mid 1800’s canvas bags were more efficient than carrying food by hand, however; these bags became dirty and unsanitary. For the next one hundred years paper bags became the standard for retail. They were clean, always available and a great convenience to the shopper; however, wood pulp became expensive…

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