Essay about Planning A Management Plan For Ireland

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The Scenario presents a company which is planning to move its IT programming facility to Ireland. The main reason for this transition is to reduce the operational labor cost in United States of America. There is a need to prepare a management plan for this transition consisting of the advantages, disadvantages, legal issues that may arise, most challenging part is convincing employees who will be terminated once the transition is processed, Potential threats of the transition, costs incurred and involved in moving the required software to Ireland, costs required to hire professionals in Ireland and train them to meet the Company standards, knowledge transfer and so on.
The following is the management plan for this move:
Moving some part of programming facility to Ireland takes certain factors to be revised in order for a smooth transition. We need to get input and feedback from the key stakeholders of this move. Different set of objectives and goals are to be revised in align to the organizations Mission and Vision statement. Financial goals: To an extent, this move is financially rewarding as we can employ human resources at cheaper wages compared to U.S programming facility. Along with that we need to consider the huge amounts to be spent to establish the infrastructure in the new facility and its financial implications towards the organization and further more financial constraints are further discussed in the report. Internal processes at the offshore development needs…

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