Planarian Body Structure Of Isopropanol

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Revolution against the basic evolutionary developmental biology arises with the astounding repair capacity of the planarian robust self assembly system and its automatic repair ability of its body structures. With its complex body plan and nervous system, a planaria possess the ability to flawlessly regenerate any part of their body after a traumatic injury or loss. It is capable of recovering its original structure and function of any damaged or obliterated body part even after being deprived of more than 99.5% of the original constitutive body part (Beane, W. S., et al., 2012). This practical immortality achieved is due to the presence of an abundant quantity of stem cell populations (Beane, W. S., et al., 2012). Planarian body structure corresponds greatly to its function and accommodating to surrounding and lifestyle. Their body structure displays bilateral symmetry, and presenting the contrasting characteristics separating the anterior and posterior segments (Beane, W. S., et al., 2012). …show more content…
B., 2012). With its bacterial activity it became a common usage as a topical disinfectant in killing bacteria and is often applied before needle penetration in medical facilities. Isopropyl alcohol can be an anti infective agent, Central Nervous system depressant, or solvent (Ledgard, Jared. B., 2012). Isopropyl alcohol is also a depressant with an effect of decreasing the response of the central nervous

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