Plan For Legal And Ethical Issues Essay

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Plan for Legal and Ethical Issues In this assignment students are required to develop a report of legal and ethical issues the might be confronted when operating start-up manufacturing company in the United States and internationally. As a company becomes more globalized, it is essential for owners, employers, and employees to understand the business protocol for an international business’ relationships. As an HR consultant the start-up manufacturing company has hired me as the first employee; but, no decision has been made as to what State will be their principal company’s location. However, due to customer’s interest in the company’s product, the owner will be opening a business in Europe and Asia. The HR consultant will present potential legal issues pertaining to operating, business, and hiring employees in Asia, Europe and the U.S. Prior to and after a new manufacturing business opens in the U.S. there are many different strands of the business operation to consider; for instance, common pitfalls, day-to-day operation, hiring skilled employees, financials, leadership, location, career development and training are just a few. The following are some legal issues the owner may confront pertaining to employee employment in the U.S. Anti-Discrimination Laws Major Provisions,…

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