Plague Of Doves Analysis

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Before dissecting the larger cycle found within A Plague of Doves, establishing how the cycle functions within the novel on a smaller scale becomes necessary. This stems from Shamengwa’s violin story illustrating how a simple object can span generations and time. This particular violin Shamengwa “…treated [with] the reverence we accord our drums, which are considered living beings and require from us food, water, shelter, and love (197). It is this same violin that is stolen in the night, with no trace of the criminal. The narrator of this story, Judge Coutts, fills in the details of the person who the reservation suspects of the crime, Corwin Peace, who becomes a major player in the completion of this cycle. Shamengwa tells Judge Coutts the …show more content…
These narrators give the story breath and ultimately allow the full sphere of the story to form. Beside adding the story regarding Billy Peace, Marn introduces a vital character to the overarching story within A Plague of Doves. The particular way in which Marn introduces and continues to offer information regarding Warren is supposed to imply one thing about him. Marn introduces him thusly: “…my uncle Warren, who would stare and stare at you like he was watching your blood move and your food digest. Warren’s face was a chopping block, his long arms hung heavy. He flew into disorderly rages and went missing, for days sometimes” (139).
Marn elicits a terrifying image of Warren; his staring is disconcerting and the general way in which he acts suggest compulsivity and a lack of control over his emotions. As her narration progresses, Marn also states, “…I passed Uncle Warren. He was sitting on a stump in the yard, looking at me, watching me, his gray hair tufted out, his chin white stubble, his eye on me, green and frozen (141). Once again, Marn emphasizes Warren’s disconcerting presence suggesting that we are meant to be wary of him as a character. Once Marn establishes Warren’s character, the moments in which he comes up again begin to piece together his function and purpose within the

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