Pink Dolphins Case Study

Introduction of Pink Dolphins Pink dolphins, also called Chinese white dolphins, which have a long life expectancy of up to 40 years, so it can see that pink Dolphins can live longer for themselves. Moreover, while the normal pink dolphins can live around 40 years, but in Hong Kong, most of Chinese White Dolphins can live into 30 years. So based on the comparison between dolphins in Hong Kong and dolphins in other places, the dolphins in Hong Kong have a shorter lifespan. Besides that, the largest population is found in coastal areas of Pearl River Estuary and only 62 individuals’ stays in Hong Kong.

History of pink dolphins in Hong Kong
In 1637, Chinese White Dolphins was first discovered in Hong Kong areas by the adventurer Peter Mudy
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In 2000, 10 dolphins in Hong Kong instead of 62 individuals in Hong Kong. After 8 years, the number become unstable, which means there are some reasons that affecting their live in these years.

Since there are no regulation on controlling the fishing in Hong Kong, it has a continuous drop in fisheries resources. The catch of fisheries resources was changed from large, slow growing, high-value species to small, fast-growing and low-value species.
Moreover, bottom trawling, which is a common fishing method in Hong Kong. This may affect the food supply to the dolphins. Bottom trawling may flip over the soil in the sea which cause sea grasses, coral reefs or rock and other organism were destroyed. It will affect the habitat of ocean so that other organisms in water may have a difficulty on finding food. Therefore, the over-fishing damages the food chain of pink dolphins.

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Moreover, the marine traffic being busier than before. Many high-speed ferries travelling between Hong Kong, Macau and other cities in the Pearl River area every day. It makes the upward trend in western sea double from 1999 to 2009. The high-speed ferry routes may affect the normal habitats of dolphins around Lantau waters. The risk of dolphins getting hurt and causing injuries will increase. The scars and marks on dolphins may possibly cause by the vessel propellers. It is easy be observed on the fins or bodies of the pink dolphin.

Habitat Loss from Coastal Development
The non-stop extensive reclamations also caused the pollution problems and destroyed the dolphin habitats. These projects adds a stress upon the dolphin population, forcing them to move farther away, possibly towards less suitable habitats. In addition, these reclamations result in disturbance of the Chinese white dolphin’s breeding, nursery and foraging grounds.

Water Pollution & Food depletion
Since there are more than 1,400 hectares of sea area have been reclaimed in Hong Kong’s western waters, fishery resources were affected because of those reclamation. Heavy metals from the contaminated mud would dissolve into the water column and accumulate in dolphins’

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