Piaget Separated Cognitive Development Into Four Stages Essay

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According to Piaget, a child’s mind develops throughout the course of four stages in their earlier years of life. Piaget believed that children establish their understandings of the world by actually experiencing it. He also believed that nature and nurture were both valuable factors in a child’s cognitive growth, but he presumed that it happened in different stages rather than a continuous progression of growth. Piaget separated cognitive development into four stages. The first stage, from birth to about two years of age, is sensorimotor. During this stage a child experiences the world through their senses and actions, such as touching, mouthing and seeing. During the sensorimotor stage the developmental phenomena includes object permanence, which is the the awareness that something still exists even when it can’t be seen, and stranger anxiety, when an infant fears an a stranger and seeks the comfort of their parent. The second stage, from age two to six or seven years of age, is the preoperational stage. This is the stage where children use their words and images to represent something and are very intuitive rather than logical. During this stage a child will start to “pretend play” because they are able to think symbolically. They are also very egocentric, and will have a difficult time understanding something from another person’s point of view. The third stage, from age seven to eleven years of age, is the concrete operation stage. This is the stage where a child will…

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