Attachment Between Mother And Child Essay

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The topic of this paper concerns the themes of attachment between mother and child. Attachment is a term first utilized by John Bowlby (1988) to describe the emotive capacity for mother and infant to bond. The active child theme plays a large role in how a child constructs and operates both his or her own internal working models of himself as well as his own models of his day-to-day interactions with his or her own parents. The assumption is that the working models that the child has constructed, also influenced by the method of parenting experienced, will remain somewhat stable throughout the following years of their development and affect how later relationships may form. The biological origins of attachment come from the survival-based need to be fed by the mother and to experience security as well as comfort. Other factors influencing attachment pertain to parental sensitivity, the parents’ own internal working models of attachment, the culture of the environment, the physical and mental characteristics of the child, as well as other external factors such as family stress, socioeconomic status, and social support given.
The topic of infant attachment was measured by Mary Ainsworth (2014) with her Strange Situation experiment. The main assessment technique concerned the security of attachment through the infants’ reactions to disunion and subsequent reunion with the mother. A secure attachment is observed in a child that feels freedom in exploration of the…

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