Piaget Formulated Four Stages Of Intellectual Development Essay

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1. Jean Piaget proposed that human beings go through a series of stages in learning how to formulate ideas as they develop from infancy into adulthood (Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman 2013). Cognitive behavioral theory examines the development of people and their ability to think and understand. Piaget formulated four stages of intellectual development: Sensorimotor Period from birth to age 2, Preoperational Period from age 2 to 7, Concrete Operations Stage from age 7 to 11 or 12 and Formal Operational Stage from age 11 to 15 (Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman 2013). In the case vignette, Julie is a 12-year-old girl that has been displaying abnormal behavior since her best friend Daisy transferred to another school. Julie’s behavior could be explained by using Piaget’s Concrete Operations Stage. During this stage, a child has learned to construct thoughts logically on a concrete level (Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman 2013). In addition, a child is able to empathize with other people by understanding other people’s viewpoints (Zastrow, Kirst-Ashman 2013). Julie demonstrates her ability to logically think, she is considered a “very bright” student at school. She is particularly good at art and music. This evidence shows that Julie can clearly construct logical thoughts or ideas. Julie demonstrates her ability to understand other people’s viewpoints, when she decides to distance herself from her brother Michael. Julie understands that her brother is busy with college and is now in a committed relationship in…

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