Essay on Physics Of The Physics Class

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According to Instructor: Joao Ricardo in the Physics class that I attended on Tuesday and Thursday, the teacher passed a paper for students and the students checked their attendance by themselves and wrote their names and signed on the paper. Then, he had graded the mastery test and gave them back to students to look at the feedback given by the instructor. After one hour, he took the mastery test’s sheets to keep them as students’ records. He also had graded the big test about light.

In addition, he explained the new topic about acceleration of gravity, which is the acceleration of a freely falling body. Free falling means to drop vertically with no air resistance and an acceleration that doesn 't change, or that is constant, all small bodies accelerate in a gravitational field at the same rate relative to the center of mass.
He used an example to proof that if a crumpled piece of paper and a smooth piece of paper are dropped, and asked students to explain why don 't they hit the ground at the same time? Students answered that the smooth paper does not accelerate as much as the crumbled one because the force of air friction on the smooth paper easily opposes the small force of gravity on the smooth paper. A similar force acts on the crumbled paper from the air but it is small compared to the force of gravity on it. So, the teacher proved to students that it is the air, put the smooth paper and crumbled one on top then drop them on the ground at the same time.…

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