Physician Diagnoses A Person With Schizoaffective Disorder Essay

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When a physician diagnoses a person with schizoaffective disorder, it means that the person presents with characteristics of both schizophrenia and mood disorders (Kantrowitz et al., 2011). This disorder causes the person have both disorganized thinking and behavior, along with disturbances of mood (Cheniaux et al., 2009). It is stated that this disorder is caused by deficit in the anatomy of the brain (Cheniaux et al., 2009). Although this disorder differs from person to person, a person will have a cycle of serves symptoms followed by a period of improvement that will have less severe symptoms (Kantrowitz et al., 2011). The disturbances of both psychotic features and mood symptoms can occur at the same time or appear interchangeably (Wilson et al., 2014).
Schizoaffective disorder has symptoms that consist of delusions which is having a false belief that is not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence and hallucinations that are perception like experiences that occur without an external stimulus, both rising from schizophrenia (Kantrowitz et al., 2011). Other symptoms include major depressed mood episodes, periods of manic mood, increase energy, out of character behaviors, impaired occupational and social functioning, decrease hygiene and physical appearance (Amini et al., 2014). These last symptoms come from the part of the disorder that occurs because of the mood (Wilson et al., 2014). Suicidal thoughts or behaviors can occur in person who is suffers from…

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