Essay about Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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After being diagnosed with a serious terminal illness, would a person choose life or death? This is the ethical question that has become an incredible/controversial issue. Physician-assisted suicide, also known as PAS, gives patients in critical medical conditions the right to end their lives. Physician-assisted suicide is currently legal in three American states, which are Oregon, Washington, and Montana. There are many people who feel that it is wrong for people, regardless of their health condition, to ask their doctors to assist in ending their life, while others feel that it is their right to be able to choose when and how they die. I believe that all patients suffering from a terminal illness who are in critical condition should be able to choose whether or not to take their own lives and put an end to their suffering via physician-assisted suicide.
Assisted suicide provides patients control over their lives. After being diagnosed patients start to realize that their illness will begin taking over and the control they have over their lives will soon be limited. Whether or not PAS is legal, if a patient wants to die, he or she will find a way. In the article “To Die or Not to Die: The History and Future of Assisted Suicide Laws in the U.S,” author Shelly Cassity explains that in states where assisted suicide is illegal, patients can find ways to legally refuse drinking and eating to speed up the process of their death (Cassity). If a terminally ill patient feels so…

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