Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be A Legal Matter Essay

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Death As A Right to Those Who Can’t Live
One cannot refuse death. Physician aid-in-death, however, has been denied for ages by religious groups or those who strictly believe in only prolonging life. Any such reasons, however, do not address the patient 's direct wish, feelings, or foresight of how they believe their life will be. Death should be a basic right of humanity with Physician-Assisted Suicide available as an option for those who are mentally competent and terminally ill or believe there will be no improvement in their life.
The debate about what to call the act goes back years and directly affects how it is treated as a legal matter. Physician-Assisted Suicide, “ties the role of the physician to one that aids the patient in killing himself or herself” (Ethics In Medicine 1). Although it is an accurate depiction of what the procedure is, the term suicide implies an unfit mind hastening a premature death out of sorrow or sadness.
That common understanding opens a view of a trusted doctor assisting a person who “has lost his ability to carefully weigh the benefits and burdens of continued life” end their life without an intervention of a potentially beneficial treatment. It is because of that association with mental illness that so many people and organizations object to the term suicide being used as part of any title referring to the act.
Terminally ill, mentally competent, adults should have the ability to request these life-ending medications without the…

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