Physician Assisted Suicide Is Legal For The Terminally Ill Essay

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In decision scenario #5, “Dutch Practices”, physician assisted suicide is legal for the terminally ill. The law stipulates that the individual must have exhausted all other solutions that would improve their health, informed consent must be obtained, and the decision is then “irrevocable”. In 2001, the Netherlands government decriminalized physician assisted suicide. In 2005, infants and children were included in the legalization of physician assisted suicide (Ross).
Under Rawl’s theory of justice, government is to “preserve and promote the liberty and welfare of individuals” (Munson, p.881). Rawls holds basic liberties with the utmost highest regard. Rawl believes that there are natural duties that should be followed to reach a just decision. Rawls’natural duties are as follows; justice, helping others in need, one does no harm and keep our promises. Rawl also believes that people are free to pursue their own conception of the good and lead their own lives. “We should consider the preferences of others when they are known to us and when we are in a situation in which we must act for them because they are unable to act for themselves” (Munson p.883).
Application of Rawls’ theory begins with the liberty principle. Under the liberty principle each person is to have the equal right to basic similar liberties, this principle reigns supreme with Rawls. “A just society is not one in which everyone is equal, but one in which inequalities must be demonstrated to be legitimate”…

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