Physical, Physical And Physical Addiction Essay

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Understanding your addiction is key to knowing how to beat it and stay clean. However, you 've heard two different terms – psychological and physical addiction – that have left you with more questions than answers. Simply put, these types of addiction are generally related to each other, but have much different warning signs and significations. Understanding the differences between the two of them can help you make real progress on your road to recovery.
Physical Addiction is Just That – Physical Physical condition is a state of dependency that causes what “” refereed to as “unpleasant physical symptoms.” These symptoms occur when the drug is no longer taken or if it is ingested in smaller doses. Often, physical addiction requires higher and higher levels of drug dose to be satisfied. Other symptoms that define physical drug dependency include:
Loss of personal control
Inability to quit, despite desire
Neglecting personal activities
Drug use takes precedence over everything else
Serious withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, jumpiness, nausea, insomnia, depression, and even delirum tremens (in the case of alcohol addiction), a potentially life-threatening situation Physical addiction is no laughing matter: it affects millions of people across the country and can ruin lives. However, it almost always goes hand-in-hand with psychological addiction. The science of addiction is complex and psychological problems and addiction is almost always an influence.…

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