Physical Inactivity Is A Leading Cause Of Preventable Deaths Essay

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There is strong epidemiological evidence that physical inactivity is a leading cause of preventable deaths (Danaei et al., 2009) and all-cause mortality (Oguma, Sesso, Paffenbarger & Lee, 2002) and is associated with increased relative risk of developing a number of chronic diseases such as breast cancer, diabetes and heart disease (Bull et al., 2004; Jeon et al., 2007; Steindorf et al, 2013). While research on the promotion of physical activity has historically been on the impact of individual-level behavioral interventions, there has been progress in identifying the role of policymaking in creating population-wide health improvements (Brownson et al., 2007; Eyler et al., 2010; Frank & Kavage, 2009; Humpel, Owen, & Leslie, 2002). The links between modifying the social and built environment on the determinants and causes of physical inactivity have been solidly established in the empirical literature (Brownson et al., 2001; Kahn et al., 2002; CITE MORE). As a result of the increasing evidence of the effectiveness of such public policy interventions, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recommend these as a means of increasing physical activity in communities at the state and local level. Nevertheless, there is a gap between researchers and policymakers and a lack of policy-relevant research, which also contributes to the research-policy gap (Brownson et al., 2006). Public…

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