Physical Examination Of The Female Breasts Essay

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Physical Examination of the Female Breast
Physical examination of the female breasts is an important screening method and should be performed by all women periodically (Gotzsche, 2015). The process is useful in early detection of breast cancer which could help in improving the prognosis of the patient. The physical examination and its principles should be learnt by all women as the procedure can be performed at home independently, especially by individuals who are genetically predisposed to cancer (Gotzsche, 2015).
There are several steps that are involved in the clinical breast examination. These begin with inspection when the physician visually examines the breasts. In order for the appropriate visualization, the patient should be standing with her hands on her hips (Bickley et al., 2012). The examiner should instruct the patient to move her hands up, behind her head and a series of other motions that enable the visualization of different morphologies that are adopted by the breasts. In addition, the different motions allow the examiner to make a comparison between the right and left breast. Physiologically, the breasts should not have any visible lumps during any part of the examination. Dimpling should be absent on the breast skin and there should be no rash elements such as erythema.
After inspection, the examiner must palpate the breasts to determine the presence of lumps. The palpation is carried out carefully and methodically on each breast and the surrounding…

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