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Afghanistan is a country with a deep history. Many famous people have encountered the country including Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world with little to offer agriculturally. This paper describes Afghanistan’s population in spite of the country’s instability due to their physical environment, dysfunctional military, and lack of money. Afghanistan is a country surrounded by land. Its nearest coast line it the Arabian Sea, which is approximately 300 miles to the south. Afghanistan’s shape is similar to an irregular leaf with the Wakhan Corridor simulating its stem. The overall land mass is around 250,000 square miles which is a comparatively the same size …show more content…
The country experiences severe cold winters with heavy snow in the mountain regions. The mountain regions experience temperatures below freezing during the winter, dropping as low as negative 51 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers months can be describe as hot and dry, reaching temperatures of 124 degrees Fahrenheit. (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 2010). The desert and mountainous regions provide little or no vegetation, which dominates Afghanistan’s topography. The Hindu Kush divides the country, virtually isolating the northern region from the rest of the country. Hindu Kush limits the vegetation in the eastern and central regions however, gives way to few grasslands and plateaus. “The north is Afghanistan’s “bread basket,” while land fertility in the south and east is constrained by lack of water” (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 2010). The three distinct geographical regions of Afghanistan are the Central Highlands, the Southern Plateau, and the Northern Plains. The Central Highlands consist of the Hindu Kush mountains range and is the most mountainous area in the country. This region has several deep narrow valleys and few deserts or meadows (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, …show more content…
The ANAAC’s primary mission is support. Their assignments consist of the escorting and transporting passengers, replenishing supplies and humanitarian assistance. The assistance of The United States and NATO allies helped to make significant progress in the ANAAC effectiveness through training and donations (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 2010). The ANAAC’s goal was to have a total of 7,400 personnel and 126 aircraft by the year 2016 (Radin, 2009). The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan withstands severe climates and rugged terrain that hinder their potential of more food for its citizens. The country’s location is centered on historical trade and invasion routes while Afghanistan is completely landlocked and resides miles away from coastal lines. Their military lacks funding, organization and personnel. Other nations are compelled to support Afghanistan financially and run their military missions due to lack of training and experience. With all of Afghanistan’s geographical and military flaws, their population continues to

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