Physical, Emotional, Social, And Cognitive Development Of Adolescence

2088 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 9 Pages
Adolescence is generally a stressful life stage for most individuals. An adolescent typically has a wide variety of issues to consider during this time period in their life- friends, family, school, etc. However, throw an illness such as cancer or diabetes into this already tumultuous period, and this life stage becomes even more complicated than most people ever think possible. In this paper, I will begin by introducing the specific illness that I will be discussing throughout the essay, and I will also discuss what is known about the said illness. I will then introduce to you a specific (fictional) person who has dealt with the aforementioned illness and provide some background on them and their specific situation. Next, I will describe normative physical, emotional, social, moral, and cognitive development of adolescence, and subsequently discuss how my chosen person’s development was affected by their health problems. Finally, I will cover how my chosen person would have hypothetically been affected by her illness in a later life stage, such as emerging adulthood or young adulthood. The specific difficulty that I have chosen to talk about in this paper is thyroid cancer. According to the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the five year survival rate for this disease is 98% (ASCO 2016). This is a very good outlook! Treatment options for thyroid cancer include surgery to remove the thyroid, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, and sometimes…

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