Essay on Physical Dependence On My Parents

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I was born in China in 1996. I grew up in north of china at Yantai. It’s a beautiful city and it always snows over there (slide 6,26). I live in a well off family and I’m the only child. I think my parents spoiled me. I don’t need to worry about any hassles of life except my study. I have to admit that I developed a psychological dependence on my parents. I never attempted new things in my life. Like a flower living in a hothouse does not have the capacity to survive in the storm (slide 2,19). I did not have the capacity to face difficult challenges. As for studying, I used to listen to my teacher to complete my job on time. I think it’s good if I do what my teachers and my parents ask me to do. But as I grew up, I realized I am totally dependent on others. When I was a junior high school student, I always gave up when I face on difficult issues. As I faced difficult subjects in my classes, my confidence dropped even below. Whenever there was an opportunity to volunteer on something, I always moved back. I never took any shot on anything. I always underestimated myself and overestimated the problems in my life. I looked down upon myself. I was ashamed of myself for not having the strength and confidence to do anything worth in my life. Math was my weakest subject in school. Solving math problems was always a challenge to me. Once in a math class, the teacher asked three students to complete three hardest questions on the blackboard and among them I was one. I bite the…

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