Physical And Mental Harm That Inevitably Results From Crime Essay

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It’s easy to understand the direct physical and mental harm that inevitably results from crime, but this is only a portion of the extensive impact a crime can have. External factors can often contribute significantly to the devastation a victim or offender experiences in the wake of a crime, including one’s relationship with friends, family, and even the surrounding community. From the victim’s point of view, after having their safety and security violated, it becomes very difficult to trust anyone — even their closest support groups. The trauma that results from a crime can, “breach the attachments of family, friendship, love, and community, [and] shatter the construction of the self that is formed and sustained in relation to others” (Herman, p. 51). A person’s meaning in life is substantially based around the loving people they are connected to; when a victim begins closing these doors and shutting these people out in response to a crime, this sense of meaning evaporates and they are left feeling helpless and alone. Healthy reintegration into society following such a distressing event is made extremely difficult given a victim’s inability to trust the relatives and community members around them. In a time when a victimized individual is in the most need of support, they are often the least likely to accept it, given their confusion and loss of trust. Similarly, the reintegration process for offenders following a crime is extremely difficult. In many communities, people…

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