Phsychology 210 Ip 4 Essay

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The following is an outline depicting a man I personally know by the name of Adam Neuner. I will express the reason for choosing my subject, and many different aspects of his life. My subject is a 30-year-old male that is in a roller coaster ride relationship, while all the while appears to need acceptance in everything he does. Adam is a very likeable person and the mission is for you, the reader, to understand Adam in a way most would only love to be able to accomplish.

Case study of Adam Neuner
I chose to perform a case study on my husband Adam Neuner. I believe while studying him I may very well learn things about him that maybe I yet still do not know about him. Adam is a 30-year-old male in great
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Adam was carried to full term and was born on July 30, 1981. Adam’s mother and father always supplied him with love and affection; mother however, supplied more affection because father was away on business more times than not. Adam developed trust in this stage rather than mistrust. Adam relied more on his mother to meet the needs of his infancy thus creating a dependency on her through the rest of his psychosocial stages.
At the ages of two and three Erikson refers to as early childhood, Adam showed not only how trust worthy he was but also developed autonomy over the feelings of shame and doubt. Adam found his independence when he finally was able to use the restroom and dress himself with no assistance. This stage is where Adam developed a sense of personal control over his physical skills. Although Adam may not remember these two milestones, they are a big part of him to this day.
Preschool for Adam was that of what seemed to be just as normal as the rest of the children his age. The difference between him and the other children was Adam’s need for exploration. In this stage, Adam asserted control and power over his environment by taking objects apart in order to see how they functioned. Adam would always explore his environment and learn as much as he could. Adam’s independence grew in this stage as well.
The fourth stage of

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