Photography Is An Essential Piece Of Kit Essay

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In this research paper, I will be talking about the equipment used to become a photographer. Photography requires a numerous amount of equipment to become a photographer. Photography shows way beyond than what is just on in the photo, it shows emotions. A method of recording images by the actions of light, or related radiation, on a sensitive material. I will be presenting to the panel of judges a portfolio of all the photographs that I have learned to take with different equipment, effects, and techniques. Equipment that beginner photographers need in a business. In life we never know what is going to happen, photography is a way to capture all the unforgettable memories. I will be able to explore the world in different ways and be able to interact with people. To become a photographer you are going to need many different types of equipment. From a website on photography says “An absolute essential piece of kit.”:(Property Photography Equipment, Feb. 2016 ). A Tripod is very important to have in photography because it’s what keeps the camera still and level to produce a good quality picture. First starting off “a new or second hand mid range Cono Semi Professional DSLR Nikon D50 is good start.”:(Property Photography Equipment, Feb. 2016). there is no need to get an expensive camera first starting off because you aren’t familiar will all the equipment and technology. To start up a photography business there are essentials that will be needed. A photographer once said “In…

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