Phobias and Addiction Essay

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Phobias and Addictions
Kenneth F. Galban
October 21, 2013
Carlton, Bowden

Phobias and Addictions There two ways that one learns behaviors and actions, classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning revolves around the idea that one learns certain behaviors, whereas aberrant conditioning revolves around one naturally responding to stimuli. Classical conditioning leads to phobias by the way of learning. For example, if a dog bites someone, they might develop a fear of dogs. They might also become weary for their entire life and never be able to approach another dog without feeling immense fear that they might get bitten again. People do not generally develop fears when they have no prior, negative
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By showing a person that they will not be rewarded or given in to when they want something, they will learn that there are certain actions they must take as a basic part of life and know they will not be rewarded just by doing something.
A rationalized fear of uncleanliness or failing a class can be contributed to an underlying cause or previously bad experience. Someone that has an obsessive-compulsive fear of dirt or filth can be contributed to the idea that things that are unclean can cause illness or is punishable. A mother might put it in a child's mind that if they do not clean, they will become very ill and suffer certain consequences. Failing might scare someone to the point of phobia because they have learned that there are negative reactions to their failure, such as a spanking or being shunned. Typically, these phobias develop due to an operant conditioned response.
Operant conditioning involves the idea that the actions that we take lead to either rewards or consequences. Within operant conditioning, there is environmental response provoked. How does this relate to addiction? The feelings that one might get when they are doing something that makes them "high", whether it be drugs or base jumping, it's a feeling that they are unable to achieve when they are in their normal

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