Essay on Philosophy Of Philosophy And Theology

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Prior to this course, philosophy and theology were subjects I had not given much thought to. In fact, I am not sure I could have defined either of these two terms without some assistance. After finishing this course, including the reading and critical thinking assignments, I now have a better understanding of each subject and can see the error in my prior ways of thinking or non-thinking. The distractions in the world cause a sort of fuzziness about the truth. In order to clear out the fuzziness and understand God’s will and plan for me, I need to research and then define and support my Christian worldviews based on God’s word.
Worldview Defined
The current culture has a way of helping define one’s worldview, although this can be positively or negatively. For example, our current world seems to have forgotten about sin. We live in a world that believes sin is relative. As this thought spreads, more people think morals are relative. If people do not admit they are sinners, they will be forever separated from Christ. One only has to watch the nightly news to see the dire consequences the spread of moral relativism is having on our world.
When looking at culture’s affect on my worldview, I see my support system, available information, and flexibility all as helpful aspects, guiding me in a positive direction. The aspects of relativism, self-satisfaction, and information overload are hindering aspects to my Christian journey. There are similarities between the two aspects.…

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