Philosophy Of Care And Professional Organizations Essay example

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Philosophy of Care and Professional Organizations
Patients have identified nurses as the most trusted profession (Battié & Steelman, 2014, p. 540). As nurses, it is important to acknowledge the responsibility that is associated with this occupation in addition to being accountable to these standards. It is imperative that nurses identify their own philosophy of care as well as their health care organization’s. For this reason, a high standard of care is expected and should be well maintained throughout the patient’s continuum of care. Individuals are not solely responsible to distinguish their own philosophy of care. There are varied nursing organizations, which have established their political stance in promoting care as well. Nurses and nursing organizations play a vital role in providing the best quality care for their patients as well as contributing to the advancement of the nursing profession.
Personal Philosophy of Care
As a nurse, it is important to demonstrate accountability, respect, and compassion in all diverse situations when providing care. According to Battié and Steelman (2014), accountability is “the key to increasing trust, reducing fear, and improving morale and performance, and should be the basis for establishing a culture of trust, support, and dedication to excellence” (p. 538). As a trusted health care clinician, it is important to be accountable of one’s own actions as it has a direct connection to the performance of care.
Respect is “defined as a…

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