Expectation Of Adolescents

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Many ideas are created about expectations of young adolescents. Often times this is constructed by theories on how their brain functions. At this time in their lives, adolescents have a cognitive shift. Their brain is beginning to develop more logically thinking instead of simply concrete ideas. Before the age of 12, children moreso focus on the subject at a surface level; however, during puberty they start to question more things about life.

The word adolescent derives from the Latin word, adolescere, which means “to grow up.” Adolescents are at an odd stage in their life where they are growing out of childhood yet they lack the mindset of a young adult. Intellectually their brain is developing and they are able to reason better. Classes
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Originally middle schools were meant for 7-9th grade but shifted to 6-8th. MIddle schools are needed for the specific age range where adolescents are rapidly growing and meant to give guidance. In middle school, learning about certain content areas is just as important as developing students into level-headed thinking young adults. However, middle schools can help shape students who are interested in college as well as those who choose to take the more vocational route. During the time middle schools were creating, America was going through the Civil Rights movement and some schools were in the process of getting integrated. Because of this, certain Founding Fathers of middle schools main focus was making sure the education was fair. One way to do this is by enforcing Advisories. This is a quick way for each teacher to be responsible for a select few students and help them mentally prepare for the school day as well as be a form of a mentor. Teachers are taught to help every student learn the best way they can. Lessons are meant to utilize everyone’s learning style to make sure they grow to the best of their …show more content…
Although this is often in most mission statements, I feel as though this is not always accurate. Many students are not given the same opportunity as others who are simply in a district a mile away. Typically this is from monetary reasons however I would love to change this. In some areas, students are excelling while others are trying to catch up from elementary school. I would also love a way to incorporate all families more into the classroom. Some students fall behind not because they are not capable but because their families do not care whether or not their child succeeds. This only starts a negative cyclical pattern. The child whose family does not care whether or not they miss class already has the disadvantage. First, they will get penalized for missing so many school days by either detention or in school suspension. Then they have to do makeup work as well as the current assignments. By this time, it is almost impossible for these students to catch up which will result in them having to repeat the school year and restarting this pattern. My role would first be to grab the family’s attention and see the value of their child and the child’s education. By doing this, I would not have to worry about the student falling behind. However if the family is still negligent then I would make it my duty to stay on top of the child and make sure every assignment gets completed with understanding at a timely

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