Philosophy And Religious Area Posts Essay

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Philosophy/Religious Area Posts
One of the most interesting periods before the colonization of the Spanish was perhaps the Native Americans of Mesoamerica. There are so many civilizations that flourished around this time. There are many philosophical and/or religious factors that arose during this period, some of which are, but are not limited to, the sacrifice of humans for religious purposes. According to the textbook on page 326, "… The most frequently cited aspect of Aztec culture is human sacrifice, which was linked with religious ritual." Many people today portray the sacrifices back to the ancient civilizations to those of the aspects like sacrifices, to the Mayans and the Aztecs, that occurred around modern-day Mexico before, during and a little bit after the colonization of Western Europeans. But not only the neighboring Aztecs contributed to this bizarre ritual, but the Mayans themselves, according to the textbook. According to the textbook on page 324, the Mayans shared coincidentally similar religious similarities with those of Western European colonists during the time: in the middle of the third paragraph, it explains that Kings were considered, perhaps, spiritual connections between the gods worshiped during the time to human beings in which he would use his own blood and this is highly described and compared to the Catholic ritual of symbolically drinking the blood of Christ. Even though the religions of the time might have been misinterpreted by the…

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