' Philocetes, By Sophocles, And Odysseus Essay

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Through analysis of major characters in Sophocles’ Philocetes, one can see that an individual’s needs, feelings, or behaviors do not always align with the values of society. The values upheld by society are often times contradictory to those of a certain individual. Our society is flawed and unfortunately, faulty values exist. It is also important to keep in mind whether the individual acts for good or evil. This often times non existing reflection between individual and societal values ultimately leads to conflict. This is evident through analysis of Neoptolemus, Philocetes, and Odysseus. Neoptolemus, one of the major individuals introduced in Sophocles’ Philocetes, is the son of Achilles. Achilles is a highly renowned and praised hero from Greek mythology. Neoptolemus is young and partially naive which makes him an easy candidate for manipulation. As one would expect, he falls to this during the play. His superior, Odysseus, orders him to trick Philocetes into giving them the bow of Hercules that he possesses. Odysseus also orders Neoptolemus to urge Philocetes to return to Troy in order to guarantee them success during the Trojan War. He does this by convincing Philocetes that he too was hurt by Odysseus and harbors anger towards him. Neoptolemus shares blatant lies with Philocetes. In reference to Philocetes’ bow, Neoptolemus says “It shall not pass except to your hands and to mine”(773-774). Meanwhile, he has every intention of passing it onto his…

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