Philippine Democracy And The Philippines Essay

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The Philippines has undergo into a much struggle in order for democracy to exist and to continue to exist. This transition from a dictatorial rule happens as the result of the power of the Filipino people. Consequently, the democracy we are enjoying right now allows each citizen to take part in the construction of the government. However, Philippine democracy failed to achieve democratic consolidation for various reasons. Given the basic definition of democratic consolidation as being "the only game in town" (Linz & Stepan, 1996 ) it can be said that the Philippines fails to succeed in this aspect. According to Linz and Stepan, consolidation includes preluding conditions that must be first, taken into consideration. Linz and Stepan enumerate the three prerequisites of democratic consolidation (Linz & Stepan, 1996 ).First among the three is that there should be an existing state, wherein the exercise of both the elections for the citizens and the monopoly of legitimate force of the winners are occurring (Linz & Stepan, 1996 ). Also, it is of great importance for a state to be subjected to the rule of law (Linz & Stepan, 1996 ). In the case of the Philippines, this first condition is met, yet it is flawed. The Philippine constitution speaks on the matter of suffrage, and the function of the different branch of government. However, the implementation of this fundamental laws seems problematic. The second of the three prerequisites states that the process of democratization…

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