Petrarchan Sonnet Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Also, the overall consensus of the artificiality and long-windedness of the Petrarchan model gave cause for a more genuine, expressive idiom. Poets of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries generally used an arrangement of three quatrains and an ending couplet. The English sonnet's rhyme scheme is abab cdcd efef gg, but like its father the Petrarchan sonnet, is found in literature in some variation. The greater flexibility in rhyming of the English sonnet is not the main difference between it and its predecessor. What is more important is the storyline and treatment of subject-matter because of the specific line arrangement. Also, the English sonnet uses more logical development by contrast between the first and second quatrains and by example between the second and third. The Petrarchan sonnet on the other hand, struggles to use its second quatrain for constructive development. The English sonnet set itself apart from the Italian sonnet not only in rhyme scheme and line arrangement, but also by developing more genuine expression of emotions through distinctive aspects. One aspect of the English sonnet is the musical capacity and connection the sonnet has. The word sonnet is very close to the musical term sonota. Many scholars believe that "the sonnet was originally written to be sounded, or sung with an accompaniment on a musical instrument" (Lanier, 142). The Petrarchan sonnet was also designed with music in …show more content…
No poet created a better connection than William Shakespeare. His sonnets as a whole actually take the effect on of one poem. This feature is called a sonnet-sequence. But each one singularly is so personal that even the less than great sonnets are worthy of re-reading. Shakespeare used the English sonnet to his own tastes and purposes and created "the greatest body of love-poetry in the language" (Crutwell, 22). The love triangle motif presented in Shakespeare's sonnets is an Elizabethan soap opera to modern readers, exposing the narrator's personal fears and desires. These famous sonnets are so influential along with their author and have stood the test of time, as Shakespeare himself predicted to his eternal love in lines 9-14 of Sonnet

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