Peter Mercurio - Original Writing Essay

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Peter Mercurio, a playwright has succeeded in rocking the world at least once in his lifetime. Not like other great playwrights like Shakespeare, but like other great leaders of society who have shaken our world to its core. Almost 15 years ago, Peter’s partner David Stewart found a baby at a subway stop in New York City. He called Peter and told him he had found a baby and said he didn’t think 911 took him seriously when he called, according to The couple later went to family court to recount what happened the night they found the baby, where the judge then asked them if they had considered adopting the baby. The judge asked the couple on a hunch that they may have wanted to adopt the young child, and when asked, the young couple jumped at the opportunity. David and Peter then became the foster parents of young Kevin, then later became legal parents of young Kevin. The story only gets better when one day on his walk to school with David, Kevin suggested that seeing as David and Peter wanted to get married, wouldn’t it be great and ironic if the same judge who had granted them adoption rights of young Kevin, also be the same judge to marry them. Ten years after Peter and David adopted young Kevin, they became the legally married parents of their adopted son. Gay adoption is a right which all couples should have, regardless of their sexuality. Imagine a world where all adoption centers are over capacity. Where orphans are left in centers until they turn…

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