Pet/Ct vs Ct Purchase Essay

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Abstract In my previous position I worked as the Administrator for a well-established outpatient diagnostic imaging facility. As the Administrator I was faced with having to make various decisions that utilized economics on a daily basis. The decisions that I would have to make would range from very simple to very complex purchases. Regardless of the amount of the purchase the same economic considerations were utilized prior to any purchases. Introduction In my previous position as Administrator for an outpatient imaging facility I was faced with various daily decision making tasks that would range from something as simple as a supply order that would cost the company a few hundred dollars, to the decision of final equipment …show more content…
The decision now would be if the company should pursue the new CT scanner or a used PET/CT scanner.
Executive Summary Through the decision process and thorough analysis I chose to present the purchase of a used PET/CT scanner to occupy the empty exam room. In order to reach this decision the evaluation of cost benefits, and opportunity costs were considered. Extensive research was conducted within the market to understand the demand of the scanners, as well as understanding the current supply of this scanner within a specific radius from varied competitors. Understanding these concepts would be key in presenting this option, especially since it would add an additional cost $700,000.00 to the alternative purchase of the new CT scanner. The additional benefits of this modality, with supporting demographic data, would have to be included in the presentation to justify the additional cost, and for the CEO to understand why this would benefit the company, as well as its patients.
The modality presentation provided information regarding the alternatives that the company could have chosen and what benefits those alternatives

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