The Benefits Of Owning A Pet Dog

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Having a dog can change anyone’s life for the better. For more than 10,000 years a pet dog has truly earned the right to be called a “man’s best friend.” A pet dog offers so much more than just being a pet. They are loyal and affectionate, and they are the only ones in this world that will love you more than they love themselves. “Dogs have a way of finding people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had” (Thorn Jones). With that being said, dogs are often found changing the lives for many people and for the better, and no one would expect it. Owning a pet dog will not only increases your happiness, but they will also keep us healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally. Dogs can also be trained to do many more things, …show more content…
Foster Smith, studies have shown that when owning a dog it can help with lowering blood pressure, lessen anxiety and reduce stress (Dr. Foster Smith). Dogs are equipped with super senses that include exceptional sight, phenomenal hearing and a heightened smell that can detect early signs of cancer. For example, many dog owners have reported that their dog had a tendency of licking, sniffing or nudging a certain area of the owner’s body which later out turned to be cancerous. It’s amazing how dogs can detect this at an early stage, we just have to pay attention. Another way dogs are able to help your health is, when it comes to having allergies. Many people have said that having a dog can make you allergies worst, little do we know it’s the total opposite. University of Wisconsin-Madison pediatrician James E. Germ conducted countless days of research and concluded that having a dog can actually prevent a child’s likelihood of developing allergies by 33% (Animal Planet). Another research showed that dogs can increase longevity after a previous heart attack, in fact studies have shown that by owning a dog, the likelihood of having another heart attack would swing the odds in your favor, from 1 in 15 to 1 in 87 (Dr. Foster Smith). That dramatically changes things and you’ll have less to worry about because your dog who should also be called your guardian angel is there to protect you and they will change your life constantly for the …show more content…
Just because someone made bad choices in the past doesn’t mean that person can’t change. Dogs are patient enough to be by your side and not give up on you. They will always see the best in you through their eyes. According to the article “Inside the California Prison Where Inmates Train Rescue Dogs”. When you hit rock bottom, there is a furry, outgoing dog that can change your life and you can change theirs as well. Dogs have a way of changing just about anyone 's life because they won 't judge you for your mistakes or what you might 've done in your past, they only see the good in you. Many might think that prison would be the worst place to train a dog, but it’s not. Dog training is very costly and expensive, but there are programs where they give prisoners who are level 4 inmates, which is the highest possible security level a chance to train and bond with a dog due to good behavior. Not only did it change the inmate’s life it changed the dog’s life as well. Inmates showed so much compassion and love for the dogs that it surprised everyone who doubted the program. The dogs they train would later on be ready for

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